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Born and raised an hour west of Detroit, Michigan Kenny has over 10+ years of music production and mixing experience. Kenny has been creating music since he was 13 years old!  In high school he was running his own studio sessions out of the basement.

Back in 2017, Kenny produced hit songs like Closure by Hope Waidley and her entire viral EP!  In college, he was hosting events and touring Michigan as a professional nightclub DJ.



Production Credits: (Wiz Khalifa, Yung Terp, Shredgang Mone, Shredgang Boogs, Chase Ca$h, Pronto Pavelli Bandgang, Lil Aj, Hope Waidley, Glasses Malone, Kani Kain, Top Notch, Skyler B, Amber Lee, The Boy Raabit, Nate One and Only, Etc.)



8+ years of guitar

8+ years of violin and orchestra

9+ years of piano (self-taught)

5+ years as a professional DJ

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Closure - Hope Waidley
Hope Waidley

Closure - Hope Waidley

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